Alcantara Bridge

Located 600 meters below the dam, built by the Roman architect Cayo Julio Lacer between years 104 and 106 and dedicated to the Emperor Trajan.
It consists of six arches, with a total length of 194 meters, and a height of 57 meters. At this point it would be necessary to add the 13.5 meters that measures the arc of triumph that has in the center. The road has a width of 8 meters and vehicles currently continue to circulate through it.
Due to its strategic situation, its arches have been cut through and rebuilt several times, in the wars of reconquest, fights between Castile and Portugal, war of succession and war of independence.
During the construction process, of river current bed had to be completely dried up, revealing the foundations of the central pillars of the bridge, which had always been submerged. The deterioration suffered by these foundations could be verified due to the erosion of twenty centuries of streams of the river, proceeding to its immediate repair.
In addition to the bridge, the cultural heritage of Alcántara is extensive, with a large number of hermitages, churches and convents, arches and bridges, including the Conventual de San Benito, the Church of Santa Maria de Almocóvar or the Roman Bridge of Segura.

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